Establishing and Managing Partnerships & Alliances

Investor Relationships
As the inaugural CEO of a fledgling medical device company, the Principal Consultant & Founder has led numerous fruitful private fund raising initiatives securing investments from Angle Investors and VCs. He has authored the Private Placement Memorandums, developed and presented impactful investor presentations.

Services to Bring Your Vision to Life

Global Distributor Expansion
Development of strategic partnerships and the expansion of global sales with in-country distributor network is a typical new technology expansion strategy.  Outside the U.S. the regulatory and product registration process is quite often much easier and may allow for a shorter time line to generating revenue.  
The Principle Consultant has established and successfully managed numerous partnerships with in-country distribution companies in Europe, Latin America and throughout the Asia-Pacific area; including Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and Australia.

In today’s economic climate most small companies do not have the financial resources, capabilities or global reach to “go-it-alone.”  Investors, strategic partnerships, alliances, and relationships are often needed. 

                      We have vast experience in these areas.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
Also, the Principle Consultant has led numerous partnerships, acquisitions and divestures during his career. And possess the unique capability to bridge the business needs with the legal needs as an agreement is being negotiated with your partner. Often, lawyers look at structuring a deal that is the most conservative position for them, to defend the company’s position. Yet this conservative approach may not always be consistent to a business relationship that maximizes the mutual benefits and rewards for the two partners. 
Business people do not always possess an excellent grasps on the true underlying meaning of a legal agreement.  One wrong word or sentence can change the meaning and/or position of an agreement and place the company’s long-term viability and/or the partnership at risk.

Again, EBTS possesses the unique capability to bridge the business needs with the legal needs.