Services to Bring Your Vision to Life 

As needed we leverage our network of Associates to assess and develop our client's:
  • Intellectual Property Strategy as well as Freedom to Operate position to assure we leverage our client’s technologies to its fullest.
  • Regulatory strategy, pathway and                                                                                                                                        FDA medical device classification. 
  • U.S. and global reimbursement strategy.
Commercialization Support Service include:
  • Landscape, market and competitive analysis
  • Target product profile and product development
  • Product positioning and messaging
  • Promotional strategy, medical writing, and promotional tactic resources
  • Key Opinion Leader management and society strategies
  • Patient resources, messaging and strategy
  • Development of Go-To-Market Strategy.
  • Establishment and building of a direct sales, marketing and clinical education capabilities, infrastructure and sustainable business practices.
EBTS can support you in any and all steps of assessing, planning and executing the commercialization of new technologies, products and assets.