Structure and Solutions 
While EBTS supports management in the development of the                                                                                        company’s Values, Vision and Strategy, we also transform them                                                                                               into tangible and actionable solutions. 
We assess and determine the framework to establish the needed                                                                               capabilities, infrastructure and sustainable business practices to                                                                                           achieve your long-term vision and growth. 
Using a proven method, together we answer a series of questions which
help our clients define and prioritize their business growth.
Once these questions are answered, EBTS works with our clients to develop a “roadmap” on what capabilities and competencies need to be added, outsourced and ignored, and how to add and prioritize.
Together we prioritize the needed capabilities and competencies while deprioritizing others, e.g. what is needed immediately, short-term and long-term.  We are always looking at what the company can afford and assessing the company’s cash position, burn rate and expected inflow of cash.  

In addition to capabilities and competencies we identify what business practices, processes and procedures need to be developed to again assure growth and good business practice compliance.
Strategy, guided by the company’s Values, is how you’re going to achieve your envisioned future.  It’s the roadmap you use to achieve your vision and reach your goals.  Strategy will likely change because business conditions, markets, competition, medical reimbursement, regulatory requirements, technology breakthroughs and many other factors are constantly changing.
The Company’s Values do not change. 
Leadership must ask what the business stands for and define the culture of the business. Integrity, innovation, accuracy, loyalty, accountability and teamwork are often used. 
The Company’s Values provides everyone a clear understanding of what those values are and how they can contribute to them as they do their daily work. 
Values keep the business on track through the many
challenges it will face in  the future.

Vision is about developing clarity and purpose around the loftiest goals you have.  It’s about what you want the business to create and achieve in a broader sense over time, while providing the necessary level of excitement and motivation. It defines your long-term aspirations. It explains why you’re doing what you’re doing and the ultimate good you want to achieve through your success.
Vision won’t be easy to realize and may require constant course changes, hard work and many accumulated successes over time.

                                         Building Your Organization
Startups and many growing businesses have yet to clearly articulate their strategic path that begins with three well-known business concepts:

                                Vision, Values, and Strategy 

Services to Bring Your Vision to Life