Unifying Board-experienced CEO and President of start-up organizations; administrative principal and policy-maker. 
  • Developed the company‚Äôs vision and strategic direction with financial stewardship oversight and cash flow accountability.
  • Assessed, then systematically added necessary capabilities, competencies, measurement tools and infrastructure.
  • Co-authored Private Placement Memorandums and spearheaded fund raising efforts to fruitful outcomes.
Held global leadership positions in multi-billion dollar companies. Successfully transformed struggling organization to obtained market dominance position with medical device commodity products as well as life support devices and capital equipment.
Capitalized on extensive business development experience to establish and maintain joint ventures and alliances with multi-billion dollar global biotechnology companies. 
  • Acquired technology-based business assets and intellectual property.
  • Directed the acquisition and divestiture efforts of intellectual property and businesses.
Senior domestic and international commercialization expert. Combined excellent business, strategic, marketing, and analytical skills to commercialize numerous medical devices and diagnostic products.
  • Built numerous U.S. direct sales, clinical, and marketing teams.
  • Negotiated strong partnerships with in-country distributors throughout the world.  
Held additional influential positions in technology/product development, marketing research, marketing and sales management. Familiar with FDA Quality System Regulations (QSR). 
Well educated with an MBA in Marketing, B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and additional executive studies at Harvard and Wharton.
EBTS can leverage the capabilities of a network of associates in numerous areas including; corporate and patent law, global regulatory, U.S. and global reimbursement, executive search initiatives, graphic designs, and others.  

Accomplished Executive . . .      

uniquely qualified within the global medical device and diagnostic industries.

Thomas Orsini, MS, MBA

Principal Consultant and Founder

Leadership to Bring Your Vision to Life